Our Company

Clifford Constructions is chosen by its clients time and again because of our strength, stability and experience.

STRENGTH – We develop strong relationships with all of our clients, architects and suppliers. By working together we deliver the best project outcomes. We have a strong sense of pride in the work we do, making sure that only the highest quality is delivered.

STABILTY – We have been operating continuously for almost 30 years. By attracting, investing in and retaining our staff over the long haul, consistency is ensured from project to project. We also allocate a full-time site manager for every project. We operate debt free – and never rely on credit. We are proud to promote our ‘pre-qualified builder’ status issued by the NSW State Dept. of Finance and Services.

EXPERIENCE – We know and understand our clients businesses well. We have been working with them for a long time and have established healthy business relationships based on trust and a solid track record of delivering on time and to budget. Through our experience we have established methodical systems and procedures across all areas of our business. So no matter where our past experience lies, you can be confident knowing that our tried and tested processes and procedures apply across any building industry sector.